Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pink or Blue?

It is finally here the week we have been waiting for! This Wednesday, which is also my sweet husband's birthday, we will find out what are having. When you find out you are pregnant almost the first thought is whether you are having a boy or girl. In fact beside asking when your due date is everyone wants to know what you are having. The first question is to find out or not to find out?  Since finding out we are having identical twins I think there have been enough surprises thus far so we are definitely going to find out the sex. We have gone through the old wives tales, chinese lunar calendar, and when our moms were here we did the string test. 
Here are some of the results of those myths:
Terrible Morning Sickness: Girls
Sleep Position: Boys
Soft Hands: Girls
Craving Sweets: Girls
Adult Acne: Girls
Clumsy: Boys
Moody: Girls
The String (Pendulum) Test: Boys
Baby's heartbeats above 150: Girls
Chinese Lunar Calendar: Girls

I think they are boys and Bob thinks we are having girls
Who knows as fun as the wives tales and such are I am so ready for Wednesday! Since they are identical we just need one to cooperate with the ultrasound technician.
So pink or blue what do you think?
Post a comment with your thoughts or take part in our poll on the top right of this page. Then stay tuned for our announcement. Either way we are beyond excited boys or girls! 


  1. Boys! I can't wait to hear what they are! What blessings they are!

  2. I think you guys are having BOYS!!

  3. my guess...boys! p.s. check out my new blog header. I made it all by myself. When you find out what you are having...maybe the twins need me to make them one too!

  4. I think it is girls. It will not matter what they are. I am so excited for "yall." Cannot wait for the post on wednesday.

  5. a girl and a boy!! Love you.. Stacey