Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thankful for Insurance:

I am so thankful for our prescription drug insurance right now. Remember I told you I was going to be going on shots. Well these shots are VERY expensive. How expensive? Well I called my Pharmacy yesterday to see if my prescription was ready. The very sweet lady at our CVS said yes but asked me to hold so she could tell me the price. She came back and said" Mrs. Adams even with prescription drug coverage your month supply of Lovenox is $698". I am almost cried. I simply said " I don't know what to do, we can not afford that." She asked me to hold again she wanted to check something. After a short while she came back and said that a few weeks ago a generic just came out on the market and that a month's supply would be covered by our insurance and we would only have to pay $10. I was overjoyed, she said they would order it and get the prescription in today. Can we say thankful! Bob went to go pick up my prescription today and this is what he came home with.
My first month's supply:

That right there is over retail $4,000 worth of medicine yes you read that correctly $4,000.  We paid $10.
Our pharmacist said our insurance was really working for us and we are so thankful! We are once again reminded the Lord provides. So needless to say I started my shots today. I forgot how much they burn, but it is all worth it to keep little one and myself safe and healthy.

Monday, August 30, 2010


When I discussed pregnancy with my OB Dr. H she told me that a pregnancy would mostly likely be considered high risk for me. This is due to my history of DVT or blood clot. So when I called her last week after finding out I was pregnant she schedule an appointment with Duke Perinatal Consultants, to discuss my history and pregnancy. Today we went to meet with that team. It was very nerve racking. We arrived early, they took my vitals, the took us to a room with a table and asked us to wait and the practitioners would be in shortly. Bob and I discussed my medical history with a nurse practitioner and then met with the Dr. K, who will be following me in addition to Dr H throughout this pregnancy. We discussed my history, family history, and plans for this pregnancy. He felt that I should go on Lovenox shots which I had taken previously during the first two weeks of my blood clot. Only this time I will be taking 2 shots of Lovenox a day, every 12 hours. This will continue for at least the first 24-26 weeks of pregnancy, then I will switch to a different form of heparin that is shorter acting as I get closer to delivery. Then postpartum for 6 weeks I will be back on  the Lovenox. 
So you may be wondering what is Lovenox? It is a form of anticoagulation therapy or a blood thinner. The goal for me in not complete anticoagulation, as when I had the blood clot, but prevention. Prevention of not only me developing another DVT, but a life threatening condition known as a Pulmonary Embolism which occur with a blood clot goes to your lungs. Taking these shots will also help to prevent clots form hopefully forming in the placenta which will decrease blood flow and oxygen to little one.
 All that said I am still nervous to say the least, but happy that I will be closely monitored. I addition to placing me on the shots today we also did blood work to see if I have a genetic predisposition to blood clots. These test will take about a month to come back and will hopefully be negative. Next week we go back to see my blood clotting levels after the first week of shots. Then we will continue to be followed closely along with my OB. In addition to extra blood test, shots every 12 hours, we will have an monthly ultrasounds to monitor the baby. I will also be closely monitored for gestational diabetes because of my strong family history and weight. Today was a little overwhelming but Bob and I both feel we are in great hands, we have fantastic doctors. We also have hope beyond the power of man's medicine. We know the Lord is in total control of this pregnancy and in that we have hope beyond measure.  

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I am so blessed beyond measure. To even imagine that God would entrust me to be a mom is beyond belief. It is my prayer and hearts desire to live in such a a way that our little on will know the Lord. My desire is not raise just a good child but a godly one. The miracle of life is taking place within me and I am amazed. The Lord is so incredible in the way He designs life. It is my prayer that the Lord would help me to be a godly mother and shining example. That Bob and I would have discernment in raising little one. I pray that our little one would grow to be healthy. There are many prayers I have for our little one's life. These are just a few. I am so thankful for this gift. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today was exhausting. I can tell my body needs more rest. As my pregnancy book put it this extra tiredness is due to little one growing he/she is taking most of my energy. I am very much so looking forward to a nap tomorrow. I find myself becoming a little more anxious as Monday approaches (we are headed to the Duke perinatal doctors). Work  is also  draining when I see miscarriages. I would have to say this is a fear that plagues me and I am sure many other new moms to be. The hardest thing is trying to relieve stress. I know right now my body can not handle it and it is not good for our little one. Bob is fantastic, he is a little nervous too. His worries are a little more on what is to happen after little one gets here. Psalm 55:22 says "Cast your cares on the Lord, He will sustain you." We are trusting in God to provide and show us His will. He hears the cries of our heart.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Symptom #1

Pregnancy symptom #1 Nausea ugh otherwise known as morning sickness. Morning sickness, right, try all day sickness. I have been nauseated for two weeks, hence taking the test, but this has only gotten worse. Apparently this is common in week six of pregnancy. I am so thankful for such a sweet husband who brings me ginger ale, graham crackers, and saltines. The only thing better is the wonderful medicine known as Zofran which my OB prescribed. It was much needed today at work. I notice smells more which is not necessarily a good thing in the ER. I am thinking this may be a long first trimester because nausea is terrible. Sometimes I just wish I would throw up and be over with it. Despite all of this and being uncomfortable with nausea I am reminded there is a little person growing inside me. My little one, you are more than worth it!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Shopping...

Yesterday Bob and I went to Barnes and Noble. I could not wait to officially go the pregnancy section and purchase some books. We browsed for a little while and being budget conscious only left with two books. We got "Your Pregnancy Week by Week" and "Belly Laughs". 

I started reading as soon as we got home. I read almost all of "Belly Laughs" last night. It is a very frank and comic look at pregnancy. It addresses a lot of the things no one really talks about because there to embarrassed or grossed out about what is going on with their body. I can already relate to some parts of it.
 After reading about halfway through the book I was so sleepy. It was only 8pm at that point which is so odd for me but I ended up falling asleep till eleven and woke up nauseated. That seems to be how I feel lately sleepy, nauseated, and always having to pee. I totally thought I wouldn't have to pee this much till the third trimester but apparently you have urinary frequency in the first trimester too. I am really excited about the book "Your Pregnancy Week by Week". It tells us how big our little one is, what is developing, tips, changes you are going through and more. The hardest part is not to read ahead. 
Today I talked to my doctor and we set up our first ultrasound and prenatal appointment. It is in 2 and a half weeks. I can not wait to see our little one's heartbeat. I think Bob and I both are a little nervous about our baby until we see the heartbeat. My doctor and I also talked about another appointment we have scheduled for Monday at Duke Perinatal Clinic. Before getting pregnant my doctor and I discussed the possibility of my pregnancy being high risk due to the fact I have had a blood clot before. So we are going to talk  about the risks and wether or not I need to be on anticoagulants during pregnancy. This also makes me nervous I defiantly do not want to go through that again. I am still trying to keep my excitement measured simply because I know the risks and I see miscarriages everyday in the ER. However, it is still amazing how much one simple word such as pregnant changes everything. Bob and I began praying over the baby and what changes this will bring. We are already so in love with our little one.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Little One

I am still in shock and awe after yesterday. According to my LMP I am 6 weeks pregnant. What in the world!?! Who would of thought? Bob and I are really excited but keeping it measured till we go to the doctor. I called my OB today so now I am just waiting for them to call back and set up an appointment.  This nausea is awful. Bob picked up some saltines and graham crackers for me because everything is making my sick even my oatmeal which I love. The hardest thing right now for me is not telling everyone but we are determined to wait until we can tell our parents in person which won't be till October. Also then we will be almost done with the first trimester at that point and feel more comfortable telling people about our pregnancy. I am so glad I started this blog even though at this time it is private I just want to document this crazy and amazing journey we are on.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One word forever life changing. Three pregnancy tests and many tears later. This is the word that will forever change our lives. We are shocked.nervous.worried.excited. so many emotions to explain the response to that one word. I had imagined I would be cool, calm and collected when I told my sweet husband we were expecting our first child. I also thought it would be in 3-5 years later after months of planning. However, none of this was the case. I was hysterical, calling him at work asking him to come bring me another box of tests not yet believing the pink line I saw on the first one was real. Are we ready for this? Will I be a good mommy? A thousand thoughts cross my mind. My husband throughout all remained calm. I was crying then excited then followed by more crying. Today has been the worst of the ongoing nausea, hence the reason I took the test. I can’t wait to be a mom, I just had no idea it would be this soon. God’s timing is always perfect so I will rest in that. So we are a growing little family preparing to welcome our first Little One. So hello Little One. Daddy and I are so excited you will be joining our family in 9 months. It is unreal and we will definalty need these next nine months to prepare. We can’t wait to meet you Little One.