Monday, August 30, 2010


When I discussed pregnancy with my OB Dr. H she told me that a pregnancy would mostly likely be considered high risk for me. This is due to my history of DVT or blood clot. So when I called her last week after finding out I was pregnant she schedule an appointment with Duke Perinatal Consultants, to discuss my history and pregnancy. Today we went to meet with that team. It was very nerve racking. We arrived early, they took my vitals, the took us to a room with a table and asked us to wait and the practitioners would be in shortly. Bob and I discussed my medical history with a nurse practitioner and then met with the Dr. K, who will be following me in addition to Dr H throughout this pregnancy. We discussed my history, family history, and plans for this pregnancy. He felt that I should go on Lovenox shots which I had taken previously during the first two weeks of my blood clot. Only this time I will be taking 2 shots of Lovenox a day, every 12 hours. This will continue for at least the first 24-26 weeks of pregnancy, then I will switch to a different form of heparin that is shorter acting as I get closer to delivery. Then postpartum for 6 weeks I will be back on  the Lovenox. 
So you may be wondering what is Lovenox? It is a form of anticoagulation therapy or a blood thinner. The goal for me in not complete anticoagulation, as when I had the blood clot, but prevention. Prevention of not only me developing another DVT, but a life threatening condition known as a Pulmonary Embolism which occur with a blood clot goes to your lungs. Taking these shots will also help to prevent clots form hopefully forming in the placenta which will decrease blood flow and oxygen to little one.
 All that said I am still nervous to say the least, but happy that I will be closely monitored. I addition to placing me on the shots today we also did blood work to see if I have a genetic predisposition to blood clots. These test will take about a month to come back and will hopefully be negative. Next week we go back to see my blood clotting levels after the first week of shots. Then we will continue to be followed closely along with my OB. In addition to extra blood test, shots every 12 hours, we will have an monthly ultrasounds to monitor the baby. I will also be closely monitored for gestational diabetes because of my strong family history and weight. Today was a little overwhelming but Bob and I both feel we are in great hands, we have fantastic doctors. We also have hope beyond the power of man's medicine. We know the Lord is in total control of this pregnancy and in that we have hope beyond measure.  

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