Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hospital Bedrest Days 4-6

Not too much going here just a lot of time in bed as you can imagine. Let's see Wednesday I finished the 24 hour urine. We got the results back and it had gone up 700mg, which puts us at 3700mg of protein total- not good but not yet severe enough to deliver yet. Thursday they did more labs which were the same elevated but not severe. Dr. F decided to order another 24 hour urine since we had another jump in just a few days- I seriously have come to dislike loathe this test. I finished it this afternoon so we should have results in the morning. My blood pressure can not make up it's mind, it gives us decent reading 140-150's/ 70-80's and then crazy ones like 179/101. Today Dr. H gave me permission to walk  a little and sit in the chair, to prevent another blood clot, as long as my blood pressure stays stable. I was so happy to be able to get out of the bed for a little bit today but then of course my blood pressure went up so that was short lived.  Anyways as you can tell we are still playing the waiting game, which is is fine with me every day brings us closer to delivering healthy babies. The game plan is apparently that when something does meet the severe criteria for delivery we will deliver after I have been off the heparin for 12-24 hours, unless an emergency warrants and immediate delivery. Since the boys are both head down it will depend on which doctor is on call for the practice and my blood pressure as to whether we will have an induction vs. c-section.  So for now we continue to wait and watch.
The days have not really been to bad. Bob went home Wednesday and did a bunch of laundry since I did not pack  enough to be here over 2 weeks. He also got upgraded from the pull out chair bed to a cot which he says is much more comfortable.

I have been doing a lot of reading and got Karen Kingsbury's new book Leaving on my Nook color. I just finished it, a fabulous book just like all her other ones. Ginger, our pastor's wife, came for a visit yesterday and brought us lunch, which was a nice break from hospital food. Today was the Triangle Mother's of Twins and Triplets Consignment sale. I had been planning to go this sale for months and since I could not go Bob said he would go. He got up at 6:15 to go to the sale. He got some fabulous deals, our main goal was to find a double stroller and he did a practically new Graco Duo Glider Double Stroller. He also picked out a few church outfits for the boys and some toys. Overall he only spent $79! He is such a good daddy and shopper.  Our friend Jonathen came by today to visit and brought us Starbucks, mine sans expresso, it is was delicious and we enjoyed the company. Overall we have had a good few days. We are still hoping we will be able to get to 36 weeks before we have to deliver- only 12 more days. I am so excited with each day that passes we are one day closer to meeting James and Jackson. Thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers.

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