Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And The Verdict Is..

Yesterday I had my doctor appointment to see if we have had any changes since going on bed rest.  I have noticed my swelling has gone down since going on bed rest and was hoping my weight would reflect that. Turns out I did lose some of the fluid, yay! Then we checked my blood pressure. Well the first pressure we got was not so great, 150/89. I was freaking out a little bit to say the least. So they had me go lay down on my left side in the exam room and then came to recheck it. Thankfully it was normal when they did 114/76. Dr. R came in and said she would keep me on bed rest she was pleased with the results we were getting. She also said I get to go to my shower this weekend. We go back to see Dr. M next week and will hopefully get more good news. The boys are doing great. I am actually measuring full term even though I am only 30 weeks and  6 days. So no wonder I feel huge! So the verdict is more bed rest but we are one week closer to meeting our sweet boys!

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