Friday, March 11, 2011

32 Weeks...

Pregnancy Stats:
How Far Along: We are 32 weeks

Size of our babies: Our twins are still the sizes of squashes this month. 

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes are all that I can wear
Gender: Boys!!! James Sidney and Jackson Esker
Movement: They are all over the place kicking all the time especially at night time
Sleep: I wake up all the time there is no longer a full nights sleep and the pillow count in are bed has grown exponentially, poor Bob
What I miss: A good night's sleep, being able to bend over, not being on bedrest
Cravings: Mexican, milkshakes, and Asparagus (I know weird)
Symptoms: swelling, headaches, fatigue, heartburn, frequent bathroom trips, shortness of breath, round ligament pain, and nausea.
Best Moment this week: Another reassuring ultrasound this week the boys look great and so did the non stress test (NST) this Tuesday and Wednesday.

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