Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hospital Bedrest Days 2 & 3

Hospital bedrest has been a huge adjustment! I am so thankful for my sweet nurses. I am actually on a Women's floor instead of Labor and Delivery as we wait this out. The hospital room is so nice and room service is amazing- yes you read that right they have really good hospital food. Yesterday we had our two NST's and Jackson was not into it at all. Every time they would find his heart rate he would literally kick the monitor or the nurse's hand. You could hear him just a moving trying to squirm away- boy I think we are in for it when they get here! Eventually we got both tracings and they were great. My blood pressure stayed around the 170-160/85-95 for most of the day. I did get one better reading of 141/76 in the middle of the night. I find myself trying to find things to do all day so it doesn't drag. Luckily I have plenty of resouces with my bible, our laptop, a few books, my Nook color. I really did not realize how much I enjoyed our dog  furbaby Izzy's presence all day. Thankfully Bob was off work yesterday so I was not alone as much during the day. He just had class in the morning and went home to do some laundry for us and grab a few things from the house- did I mention how grateful I am for him. He is already settled in the the hospital room too. He even has a "workstation" as he is trying to finish up his big papers and such for this semester before the boys get here along with other homework. 

He is such a trooper sleeping on the pull out  chair bed. I know that he can not be comfortable plus he gets up with me every two hours to help me to the restrooms since they put the compression boots on my feet to prevent blood clots while I am on bed rest. Last night Josh and Jessica came to visit and give us an update on Izzy since she is staying with them. I really enjoyed the time we spent with them, as always, I am so thankful for them.
 Today has been a good day, one more day the boys get to stay in my tummy and grow. My blood pressure has been a lot better today around the 140's-150's/80's. We did an NST this morning and both boys, after a little coercing, did wonderfully!  I am hoping they will cooperate again tonight.
This is the monitor James heart rate is on the left and Jackson is on the far right.
I like to call my NST's gel parties because they have to use SO much gel, it feels really itchy after a while. Thankfully I am able to time taking my shower after it.  They drew blood at some crazy time this morning and Dr. M  came by to check on us. The blood work was still staying ok nothing severe to warrant immediate delivery. That was such a relief to hear, I get a little anxious while waiting to see one of my doctors in the morning just because we are on a day by day watch right now. She did order another 24 hr urine, you know how I love that test. Basically this could determine our next step if it rises to severe criteria we may have babies  by this weekend, which I feel a little bit better about and they do too since tomorrow we hit the 34 week mark-yay. I will say God is teaching us a lot about relying on Him right now. I get so anxious about the boys being born early and all the possible complications but I am just letting His word wash over me! I believe Him and His word and no there is no need to fear because He is in complete control. He forming these little one's in my womb, He knows the number of hairs on their head, and the days of their life. I trust Him completely, because I know He is faithful and has a perfect plan.
 So what can you pray for? Pray that my pressure stays down and the boys remain healthy and they continue to grow. Pray for our doctor(s) as they make these day to day decisions about when to deliver and our care. Pray that if there is an emergency we have peace about the decisions we may have to make. Lastly please pray for Bob and I as we try to remain calm and relaxed during this stressful waiting/unknown period. Thank you so much for you prayers already. I love reading your sweet comments. Feel free to follow our progress on the blog through our new email button on the right or by clicking on followers to get updates. 

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