Tuesday, March 15, 2011

24 Hour Urine...

So you may remember me mentioning having to do a 24 hour urine on the 8th. I like to call this the dreaded brown jug test. It is where for 24 hours I have to get a urine sample every time I go to the bathroom. Each sample has to be placed in a brown 3000 ml jug. They run labs to check my kidney function and protein levels on it because of my high blood pressure. If you miss one sample you have to start all over. Did I mention you have to keep the brown jug in your fridge, which is kinda gross. I just told Bob be sure you don't drink out of the brown jug because it looks like a half gallon chocolate milk jug.

 Anyways so we did this test all day Thursday and took it in Friday at our appointment.  At our next appointment we got the results, there was only .297g of protein which meets the criteria for mild preeclampsia. This meant if our NST at the hospital looked good we could basically stay on at home bed rest.  
Jackson did not want to cooperate with the NST so we had an ultrasound at the hospital and he passed his biophysical profile. This is a test which basically looks at his organs, fluid, breathing motions, and blood flow; he got a perfect score. The  other thing that threw us for a loop today while doing our NST was I was having regular contractions. I thought they were just slightly painful Braxton Hicks but no they were the real thing. So they gave me and IV and loaded me with fluids and they eventually stopped. Thankfully it all worked so we could go home and now we are hanging in there till our next appointment on Friday.

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