Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The word I have been dreading was prescribed to me. I went to my regular OB yesterday for my usual prenatal visit and the re-attempt to see James in 4-D. I got to the office and waited. I had my ultrasound first. James was once again not in the mood to show us his precious little face. So after many attempts we gave up. After the ultrasound I went to do the usual for every appointment: provide a urine sample, check my weight, and measure my blood pressure. Urine sample, check, what pregnant girl doesn't have to pee. Next it was time to check my weight. My weight gain has been really great so far but today we were shocked. In 2 weeks I had gained over 25lbs, I freaked so did the nurse so of course we tried all three scales in the office. Who gains 25lbs in 14 days!!! I have been doing nothing different in my diet and was totally baffled. Now it was time to check my blood pressure. It was elevated but not too high, only every week seems to be slightly rising. Now to go and wait for the doctor. Dr. M comes in and has a very serious look on her face. She asks how I am doing I tell her "I am exhausted (nothing new), having more frequent headaches (but was not overly alarmed since I have migraines), and that I have had some serious swelling in my feet, and legs. I have also noticed swelling in my face and hands. Dr. M  checked it out. She was not happy with what she saw. She is scared especially after my rapid weight gain my blood pressure my might skyrocket. She told me that she was prescribing immediate complete bedrest. It really threw me for a loop and caught me off guard. I mean we expected partial bedrest with the twins but not all this. I guess the thing is I was a little oblivious to the signs and symptoms I was having.  I am a nurse I should have put two and two together- swelling, headaches, occasional blurred vision, and then my blood pressure being higher than normal. All this points to possible preeclampsia especially the rapid weight gain, my BP is not to the point where she would diagnose me with this but needless to say we are going to be even more closely monitored for it. So we go back in a week and hopefully some of this fluid will be off and things will be better but for now I am on bedrest, which means bring on the books.

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  1. uh...so sorry sweetie..I didn't like to hear that one either. Me bed rest??? but Landra was worth it :) We will step up the prayers and claim His healing and safety over all of you.