Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am overdue for an update on some of our doctors' visits. Everything seems to be progressing nicely along during this pregnancy even though we are high-risk. My hours for work have been significantly reduced by my doctor but as of now we are not on bedrest. I have had some issues with swelling and blood pressure but my blood pressure has been much better the past few weeks! My weight gain has not been to bad I have only gained 18 pounds overall which considering right now I am carrying a little over 4lbs of babies, plus, fluid and the placenta I am not upset by that number. 2 weeks ago I had my glucose screening. I was dreading this test. I was told that there is a much higher prevalence of gestational diabetes in twin pregnancies and I have a horrible family history related to diabetes. I went to the doctor and drank this horrible, horrible glucose drink. Seriously how do kids drink such sweet drinks it reminded me of those jug drinks for kids. Then I had to wait a hour to get my blood drawn. At the end of the hour I felt like crap, like I was going to pass out. So I left and grabbed something to eat. I waitied and waited for the dreaded call that I had failed and needed to take a 3 hour test but I PASSED. My blood sugar was perfect, what a relief! My doctor said Monday that we will have these babies in 8-10 weeks which is crazy! We are so excited but nervous!  at our Ultrasound yesterday they said the boys are showing no evidence of TTTS and the fluid discrepancy has resolved it self, Praise the Lord! So we are doing great there are a few things they are still monitoring in the boys but we are totally giving those worries to the Lord knowing He is in complete control! Thank you for all your prayers and keep them coming!

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