Thursday, February 3, 2011

27 Weeks...

Pregnancy Stats:

How Far Along: 27 Weeks- yes I am as tired as I look this week has been exhausting.
Size of our babies: Our twins are the size of eggplants this month. Last week Jackson weigh 2 pounds 1 ozs, and James weighed 2 pounds 4 ozs.
Maternity Clothes: I love my maternity jeans! I am so grateful for stretchy fabrics these days! 
Gender: Boys!!! James Sidney and Jackson Esker
Movement: They are all over the place kicking all the time
Sleep: Pillows have overtaken our bed, poor Bob hardly has any room
What I miss: A good night's sleep
Cravings: Mexican, and Oreos
Symptoms: Leg cramps, Fatigue, Heartburn, and some definite round ligament pain- bending over is such a challenge
Best Moment this week: Watching my belly move, Bob finally saw it too. 

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