Sunday, January 30, 2011

Made with Love...

Today Bob and I did something we have been wanting to do for a long time. We went to Build-A-Bear and made each of the boys their very own puppy. We both wanted to give them something special for them to treasure as they grew up and what better way than helping create their very first stuffed animals. We choose the most darling puppies. Each puppy has two hearts inside of it one from mommy and one from daddy. We stuffed them, "bathed" them, and gave them each birth certificates. We look forward to one day taking the boys back to the store to pick out clothing for their puppies, although Bob was tempted to buy them Star War's outfits today. It was a wonderful experience I can not wait to give them to these precious boys who are kicking all around inside me! I hope that they treasure these puppies and when they see them they are reminded how much their mommy and daddy loves them even before they were born.
Are they not the cutest, yes Bob is too!
 Bob said they were much easier to bath than Izzy!
 Me and the puppies
 When we got them home we had a little car seat fun
 My carseat buckling job
 Bob's carseat buckling job
We are so ready to meet these sweet boys!!

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