Monday, January 24, 2011

Bedding Dilemma...

You may remember our post Nursery inspiration.  Since I found out I was pregnant I know I wanted the cute Eli Elephant Bedding from Pottery Barn Kids (PBK's) for our nursery if we were having boys.  I really thought the matter was settled because both Bob and I loved the bedding but then the other night Bob was browsing websites and found some other bedding he liked and now we have a dilemma. PBK's has slowly been retiring pieces in the beloved bedding set and even after spending many hours online the retired pieces are hard to find. So after all this we now have a bedding dilemma. I really love the piece Bob has picked out and I love the Eli Elephant. So maybe you can help us by telling us which one you like because we are having a hard time deciding.
Here is the Eli Elephant bedding:
I love the cute little elephants and the color of the bedding.

The new bedding in the mix is Carter's Forest Friends. It is just adorable. I love the neutral colors with the blue and green accents. It also seems like it something they can use a little longer because it is not so baby plus it has all the accessories that you can order to accent the nursery. This is now Bob's favorite and I like it too. 

What do you think which one do you like more??


  1. Hey Whitney,
    I think I like the Forest Friends. Not only would it be easier to get your hands on but you are right, it does look like something that your sweet boys could move into being toddlers in.

    Hope you guys figure it all out!
    <3 Lisa Potter

  2. I like the Forest Friends also! I agree with you, it will be able to grow up with them a little easier than the other one.