Friday, January 14, 2011

24 Weeks....

Pregnancy Stats:
How Far Along: 24 Weeks 
Size of our babies: Our twins are the size of papayas this month. 

Maternity Clothes: Maternity clothes is all I wear, my wardrobe has become very limited but I LOVE my maternity jeans! They are amazing! 
Gender: Boys!!! James Sidney and Jackson Esker
Movement: I feel them move more and more.  
Sleep: I hate sleeping on my side
What I miss: A good night's sleep
Cravings: Mexican, Chocolate
Symptoms: Leg cramps, Fatigue, Heartburn
Best Moment this week: Our ultrasound this week. Seeing James face in 4-D they surprised us by showing us 4-D pictures. Sadly Jackson was not cooperating with us during the ultrasound! We do have a totally 4-D ultrasound scheduled in February, I can not wait!

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