Monday, March 7, 2011

James' and Jackson's Nursery

This past week and weekend we (well actually I didn't) set up the nursery. We went with the Carter's Forest Friends bedding, and it is adorable. In fact besides and few finishing touches we are pretty much done with the nursery. This is due to my wonderful husband and sweet parents, thank y'all so much!! Bob painted this past week, then my dad put together all the furniture and mom washed all the clothes, blankets, and bedding. The room looks wonderful. I am so relieved it is done it makes me feel more prepared for the boy's arrival. We have a few more accessories coming in the mail such as the mobiles and matching hamper. The only thing we are really lacking is a glider and we have not found one yet. I am also still looking for something for the walls over their cribs but have not really found what I am looking for (thank the Lord for online shopping while on bed rest). Here are some pictures of the nursery so far.

Sorry for the quality these are from my iPhone.


  1. oh my. so so soooo cute. i LOVE IT!!! hope you are doing ok today. thinking about you!

  2. whats your e-mail again?? i want to send you those pictures! my e-mail is will you email me? ok. thanks

  3. I saw that you were looking for some things for the walls and I just found this etsy shop and I am in love. I think it will go perfectly with your forest animal theme. Let me know what you think!