Friday, August 27, 2010

Symptom #1

Pregnancy symptom #1 Nausea ugh otherwise known as morning sickness. Morning sickness, right, try all day sickness. I have been nauseated for two weeks, hence taking the test, but this has only gotten worse. Apparently this is common in week six of pregnancy. I am so thankful for such a sweet husband who brings me ginger ale, graham crackers, and saltines. The only thing better is the wonderful medicine known as Zofran which my OB prescribed. It was much needed today at work. I notice smells more which is not necessarily a good thing in the ER. I am thinking this may be a long first trimester because nausea is terrible. Sometimes I just wish I would throw up and be over with it. Despite all of this and being uncomfortable with nausea I am reminded there is a little person growing inside me. My little one, you are more than worth it!

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