Monday, September 27, 2010


Today we went for our second ultrasound. I was nervous and excited ready to see Little One's heartbeat. However, we saw more than we ever hoped.  We discovered we are having TWINS!! Holy Moly!! I can not believe it! We saw Baby A first. Everything looked great. Then our doctor said "Well it looks like there is another baby!" What?!!? Shock hit. Bob remained very quiet. We had no idea this was possible. Twins do not run our family but there was Baby B. Both babies look great and have a great heartbeats. We are in shock and so excited!!  Our due date in May 5, 2011. We are still high risk this may mean bed rest later on and preterm labor or a c-section but time will tell. We are completely trusting God to take care of us! This weekend we are going home to tell our parents not olny are we expecting but we are expecting twins!! I can not wait to see their reaction this is the first grandbaby, actually grandbabies on each side. Guess I need to change the name of our blog now!

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