Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to my OB.....

This is a week of doctor appointments. Today I went to my regular OB and Wednesday is our biweekly ultrasound. This morning I went to the see Dr. M. I have gained 3 pounds this past month but ironically still weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to losing about 12 pounds during the first trimester. I still feel huge. Of course we took measurements and at 20 weeks I am measuring about 23-24 weeks. The boy heart rates were great although they would not stay still! During my exam my Dr. M mentioned that I would be needing to slow down even with the light duty I am on.  She said we needed to prepare ourselves for the dreaded "B" word. Not exactly what we were hoping to hear. She said nothing to change right now but to be prepared. We were hoping to avoid bedrest and still praying that it will not be anytime soon or at all. She also increased my visits from monthly to every  two weeks. So now we will be seeing the regular and high-risk doctors biweekly. Today has not been my favorite day because along with the "B" word, I am just not feeling so great. I am so exhausted from everything and nothing. I was hoping for the burst of energy you are supposed to get in your second trimester but that seems to not be happening.

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  1. HI sweetie, I know all about 'B' from Landra. 5 weeks and was on broncho dilator to tighten my cervix. (jitters?shakes!!) So..... I am praying you don't have to but of course it is well worth it. Yes keep your feet up and actually the nurse told me to not sit! Praying !! Gayle M:)