Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Baby Names...

We have looked at thousands of baby names. Honestly if we were having girls we would have names all set but from the beginning we have always struggled with boy names. After much, much debate we have finally settled on names. I think it was even harder having to come up with two different names. 
This was a difficult task you have to really think about the names. These babies will grow up so you don't want to give them a cute name now that when they get older it looks ridiculous on a job application. We both really wanted to use family names. We also wanted something unique for each of the boys. 
So without further ado here are the names we have decided on:
James Sidney Adams
Jackson Esker Adams
Each name represents each our families.
James Sidney: James is is Bob's first name and Sidney is Bob's dad's middle names.
Jackson Esker: Jackson is my great-grandfather's middle name on my mom's side, and Esker is my great grandfather's middle name on my Dad's side.
I am beyond excited now I can start embroidering and put names to each of the cute profile shots we have from the ultrasound! I also love that we are able to specifically pray for each baby by name.


  1. James and Jackson! Those are two adorable names! Praying for You, Bob, James and Jackson...and Izzy :) Love you guys!

  2. You and Bob are going to be such great parents. James and Jackson are so very lucky. One word of advise from a mom of two boys - on those late nights when they don't want to sleep - treasure those moments rocking those precious angels because time goes so very fast.